Bolbitis Heudelotii


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Bolbitis heudelotii, commonly known as African Water Fern or Congo Fern, is a unique and attractive aquatic plant. Here are the care requirements to help you cultivate Bolbitis heudelotii successfully in your aquarium:

**1. Lighting:**
- Provide moderate to low-intensity lighting. Bolbitis heudelotii is adapted to lower light conditions and is often used in aquariums with shaded areas.

**2. Substrate:**
- Attach the plant to hardscape elements like rocks or driftwood. Do not bury the rhizome (horizontal stem) in the substrate; instead, attach it using fishing line or other suitable materials.

**3. Fertilization:**
- Bolbitis heudelotii is not a heavy feeder. While it can absorb nutrients from the water and substrate, occasional liquid fertilization may benefit its growth.

**4. CO2 Injection:**
- While not strictly necessary, providing a source of CO2 can enhance growth and overall health. Bolbitis heudelotii can adapt to both low-tech and high-tech setups.

**5. Temperature:**
- Maintain a temperature range of 68-82°F (20-28°C). Bolbitis heudelotii can adapt to a variety of temperatures within this range.

**6. Water Parameters:**
- pH: 6.0-7.5
- Hardness: Soft to moderately hard water is suitable.
- Bolbitis heudelotii is adaptable to various water parameters but prefers stable conditions.

**7. Pruning:**
- Minimal pruning is generally required. Remove any old or yellowing leaves to encourage new growth.
- Trim dead or damaged portions of the plant with clean scissors or pruning tools.

**8. Placement:**
- Bolbitis heudelotii is often used as a midground or background plant. Attach it to rocks, driftwood, or other hardscape elements for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

**9. Water Flow:**
- Provide gentle water circulation. Bolbitis heudelotii prefers water movement but can tolerate lower flow conditions.

**10. Tank Mates:**
- Choose tank mates that won't disturb the delicate fronds. Bolbitis heudelotii is generally not a target for herbivorous fish.

**11. Algae Control:**
- Maintain good aquarium hygiene to prevent algae growth. Keep the plant's surfaces clean to ensure optimal light absorption.

**12. Observation:**
- Regularly observe the plant for any signs of nutrient deficiencies, pests, or diseases.
- Monitor its growth and adjust care routines based on the specific conditions of your aquarium.

Bolbitis heudelotii adds a unique and graceful touch to aquariums with its intricate fronds. By following these care guidelines, you can enjoy the distinctive beauty of Bolbitis heudelotii in your aquatic setup.