Cabomba Caroliniana


5 submersed grown stems.


Cabomba caroliniana, commonly known as Carolina Fanwort, is a popular aquarium plant appreciated for its fine, feathery foliage. Here are the care requirements to help you cultivate Cabomba caroliniana successfully in your aquarium:

**1. Lighting:**
- Provide moderate to high-intensity lighting. Cabomba caroliniana benefits from strong lighting to support its photosynthesis and maintain healthy growth.

**2. Substrate:**
- Plant Cabomba caroliniana in a nutrient-rich substrate. While it can absorb nutrients from the water, a substrate with additional nutrients or the use of root tabs can promote robust growth.

**3. Fertilization:**
- Regularly dose a comprehensive liquid fertilizer to supply essential nutrients. Cabomba caroliniana is a fast grower and benefits from regular nutrient supplementation.

**4. CO2 Injection:**
- While not strictly necessary, providing a source of CO2 can enhance growth and overall health. In high-tech setups, CO2 injection may be beneficial for optimizing growth.

**5. Temperature:**
- Maintain a temperature range of 72-82°F (22-28°C). Cabomba caroliniana can adapt to various temperatures within this range.

**6. Water Parameters:**
- pH: 6.0-7.5
- Hardness: Soft to moderately hard water is suitable. Cabomba caroliniana is adaptable to a range of water parameters.

**7. Pruning:**
- Regular pruning is essential to control the height and maintain a bushy appearance. Trim the stems to the desired length, and replant the cuttings to propagate new plants.

**8. Placement:**
- Cabomba caroliniana is often used as a background plant due to its height. Plant it in groups for a more striking visual impact.

**9. Water Flow:**
- Provide moderate water circulation. Cabomba caroliniana prefers water movement but can adapt to various flow conditions.

**10. Tank Mates:**
- Choose tank mates that won't disturb the delicate foliage. Cabomba caroliniana is generally not a target for herbivorous fish.

**11. Algae Control:**
- Maintain good aquarium hygiene to prevent algae growth. Ensure that the plant's surfaces are clean for optimal light absorption.

**12. Observation:**
- Regularly observe the plant for any signs of nutrient deficiencies, pests, or diseases.
- Monitor its growth and adjust care routines based on the specific conditions of your aquarium.

By providing the right conditions, including proper lighting, substrate, and nutrient supplementation, you can enjoy the graceful and lush appearance of Cabomba caroliniana in your aquarium.

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Cabomba Caroliniana