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Fissidens fontanus, commonly known as "Phoenix Moss" or "Willow Moss," is a species of aquatic moss that is popular in the aquarium hobby. 

1. Appearance: Fissidens fontanus is characterized by its feathery, fern-like appearance. It features finely branched, lush green fronds that grow in a distinctive willow or feather-like pattern. The fronds can reach lengths of around 1 to 3 centimeters.

2. Habitat: This moss is often found in and around freshwater bodies such as streams, rivers, and ponds. In the aquarium hobby, it is typically used in aquascaping and can thrive both submerged and emersed.

3. Growth: Fissidens fontanus is relatively slow-growing compared to some other aquarium mosses. It adheres well to various surfaces and can be attached to driftwood, rocks, or other hardscape elements in aquariums.

4. Care: It prefers moderate to high lighting and good water quality. CO2 injection and nutrient-rich water can enhance its growth and vibrancy. Regular pruning and maintenance help maintain its attractive appearance.

5. Uses: Fissidens fontanus is favored by aquarists for its aesthetic appeal and its ability to provide a lush, natural look in aquascaped aquariums. It also serves as a hiding place for small aquatic creatures.

6. Propagation: This moss can be propagated by division or by using small fragments. Gently attaching pieces of the moss to a new location will help it grow and spread.

Fissidens fontanus is a sought-after choice for aquarists looking to create lush and natural underwater landscapes in their aquariums. Its attractive appearance and relatively low maintenance requirements make it a popular addition to planted tanks.


Here are the key care considerations for this aquatic moss:

1. **Lighting:** Provide moderate to high lighting conditions. While it can tolerate lower light, it may grow more slowly and be less vibrant in such conditions.

2. **Water Parameters:**
- **Temperature:** Maintain a temperature range between 68-82°F (20-28°C).
- **pH:** Fissidens fontanus prefers slightly acidic to neutral water, with a pH range of 6.0 to 7.5.
- **Hardness:** Soft to moderately hard water is suitable.

3. **CO2:** While not absolutely necessary, providing a source of carbon dioxide (CO2) can promote more robust growth and greener coloration. CO2 injection or liquid carbon supplements are options.

4. **Water Quality:** Ensure good water quality with regular water changes to prevent the accumulation of organic waste, which can hinder moss growth.

5. **Substrate:** Fissidens fontanus can grow attached to various surfaces, including rocks and driftwood. It doesn't necessarily require a substrate, but having a suitable hardscape element for attachment is important.

6. **Maintenance:** Trim the moss as needed to maintain its desired shape and to prevent it from overtaking other plants. Gently prune away any dead or yellowing portions.

7. **Propagation:** Fissidens fontanus can be propagated by separating healthy portions and attaching them to new locations on hardscape items. Secure them with fishing line or nylon mesh until they attach themselves.

8. **Circulation:** Ensure adequate water circulation in the tank to prevent debris from settling on the moss and affecting its growth.

9. **Nutrients:** While it can derive some nutrients from the water, consider using a balanced liquid fertilizer to supplement the water column with essential nutrients.

10. **Algae Control:** Keep an eye on potential algae growth in the aquarium, as excessive algae can compete with the moss for nutrients and light. Proper maintenance and water parameters can help prevent algae issues.

Remember that Fissidens fontanus is relatively slow-growing compared to some other aquarium plants, so patience is key. With the right care, it can add a lush and natural appearance to your aquascape while providing hiding places for small aquatic creatures.

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