Samolus Parviflorus Red


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Samolus parviflorus 'Red' is a variety of Samolus parviflorus, a semi-aquatic plant known for its attractive appearance.

1. **Leaf Appearance:** Samolus parviflorus 'Red' is characterized by its vibrant red or reddish-pink leaves, which are the main distinguishing feature of this variety. The leaves are typically lance-shaped and may vary in intensity of red coloration depending on factors such as light and nutrients.

2. **Growth Habit:** This plant typically has a compact and bushy growth habit. It forms a rosette of leaves radiating outward from a central crown. It is well-suited for use in aquascaping and can provide a bold color contrast in aquariums.

3. **Lighting:** Samolus parviflorus 'Red' requires moderate to high lighting to maintain its striking red color. Bright light is essential for stimulating and preserving the intense pigments in the leaves.

4. **CO2 and Nutrients:** While it can grow in low-tech setups, providing carbon dioxide (CO2) supplementation and a balanced liquid fertilizer can promote healthier growth and enhance its red coloration.

5. **Water Parameters:**
- **Temperature:** It thrives in a temperature range of 68-82°F (20-28°C).
- **pH:** Maintain a slightly acidic to neutral pH level, typically between 6.0 and 7.5.
- **Hardness:** It can tolerate a range of water hardness.

6. **Maintenance:** Regular pruning and removal of older leaves are necessary to maintain the plant's appearance. This prevents overgrowth and encourages the growth of new, healthy red leaves.

7. **Substrate:** Plant Samolus parviflorus 'Red' in a nutrient-rich substrate or use root tabs to provide essential nutrients for its growth. It can also tolerate plain gravel or sand substrates.

8. **Propagation:** This plant can be propagated by dividing the crown or rhizome, and each division should have roots attached.

Samolus parviflorus 'Red' is a favored choice for aquascapers and aquarium enthusiasts who want to introduce a visually striking and unique plant to their aquariums. The intense red or reddish-pink leaves provide a captivating contrast to the typical green aquatic plants, making it a focal point in planted tanks. With the right conditions and regular maintenance, it can thrive and enhance the overall aesthetics of your aquatic environment.

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I was very pleased with how healthy my plants came to me and how they were packaged I will definitely be getting more plants from I Wet My Plants!!!! Can't wait to see you in October as well.